For you to go out there and experience something truly mesmerizing, this isn't really about us. It's about you and your desire to explore the world around you! That’s really what we strive for.

In pursuit of that goal, we are the start-up where all are travel nerds. We aim to collect and isolate all the useful travel information available and put it right in front of you, so that you can plan your next holiday in your own style.

We inspire you to discover where you could go and things you could do. We play an apt role of your holiday planner who can plan out your holiday down to the smallest possible detail. We work the way every best-of-the business do, enabling its users to avail of its vast information and non-business oriented results. We understand that booking your travel/holiday is just a small piece in the entire holiday lifecycle. Your holiday doesn't start nor ends with the booking. Booking is just a step along the way and we treat it the same way. We ensure while booking that we do cover the last mile (Kickass Support.) for you.

We urge you to pick and choose every element of your holiday from our wide and varied range of options, so we can customize your trip down to the smallest detail. Our mantra is simple – Whatever makes you happy, makes us happy!

We are a young company, but no way young in terms of the cumulative experience we have on board to help you plan that perfect holiday getaway. We are like you, in a lot of ways. We work hard for a living and think twice before we spend a single rupee of our hard earned money. We’d like people to pay us attention and respect our time. We find joy in our family & friends and like to spend quality time with them. We’re sure you want similar things; we value and respect the same. Try us. We’re sure we’ll be able to do something to make you smile today .